Baltimore Museum of Art's stall at Lexington Market

“My work at the Lexington Market is about showing up for people…if you’re not showing up for people, then you’re not doing it right,” reflects Dave Eassa from his living room floor during his new physical therapy routine.

Eassa, Manager of Community Engagement at the Baltimore Museum of Art, is in charge of BMA Lexington Market — the museum’s small outcove nestled in front of a back stairwell inside one of the country’s longest running city markets. The space serves many more purposes than can fit inside its 250 square feet. Despite recently tearing his ACL, Eassa is there during all of the stall’s open hours, showing up for people. 

Art making and workshops, lunch breaks and arguments about sports — the stall has quickly integrated itself into the fabric of the market as a space for all. With operations now fully up and running, Eassa and his team can focus on their larger goals — build up Baltimore and help people be active members of their community.